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In today’s global world, cryptocurrency trading has become an integral part of many investors’ portfolios. However, selling these digital assets can be time-consuming and complicated, and traditional currency exchange offices are not necessarily equipped to handle cryptocurrencies. In response to these challenges, a new innovative service has appeared – Kanga Voucher.

What is Kanga Voucher?

A voucher is an electronic payment instrument that allows customers to sell cryptocurrencies anonymously without having to register on the Kanga Exchange. It is a convenient, safe and effective solution that significantly facilitates the process of selling digital currencies.

How does the Kanga Voucher work?

  1. No registration: One of the key advantages of the voucher is that there is no need to register on Kanga Exchange.
  2. Cryptocurrency Deposit: Once the voucher is generated, the customer can start the process of selling their cryptocurrencies. Just send the appropriate amount of digital asset to the indicated technical address (hash) of the voucher. The customer can choose from 4 cryptocurrencies for sale: bitcoin, ethereum, USDT, USDC.

IMPORTANT: Remember to write down the payment ID and PIN that you will see next to your withdrawal address. Without them, you will not be able to complete the transaction at a stationary point or at Locals. Ew. you can download the voucher details in PDF format.

  1. Voucher account balance: before completing the transaction, you can check whether the funds for the voucher have already been received. Just go to the “Check voucher” tab and enter your ID and PIN.
  2. Exchange into traditional currency: The customer contacts the selected currency exchange office/Locals (the list is available on the website kangakantor.pl) and sets the terms of exchange.
  3. Finalizing the transaction: After selecting the appropriate option, the operator/Locals will ask the customer for the ID and PIN of the voucher. Then, cryptocurrencies are exchanged for fiat currencies in real time. Voila!

Advantages of the Kanga Voucher

  1. Anonymity: No registration required means that the customer can use the service in complete anonymity.
  2. Availability: Kanga Voucher service is available 24/7, which means customers can sell cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere.
  3. Simplicity and convenience: Kanga Voucher platform is easy to use, even for people unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency market. The sale of digital assets is made as simple as possible.


Kanga Voucher is an innovative solution that is changing the way people sell cryptocurrencies. Thanks to its simplicity and security, it becomes an attractive alternative to exchanging digital currencies for fiat currencies. It is worth considering using this service, especially if you care about anonymity and convenience!

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