Kanga Local OTC – crypto for cash in your city!

The world’s largest OTC network is called Kanga. We have close to 1000 physical locations in 16 countries on 3 continents! Come and buy or sell crypto for cash. The transactions are instant – an average exchange time is only 45 seconds.

Crypto to cash and cash to crypto as simply as it may get:

  • BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC and many others;
  • in close to 1000 physical locations in 16 countries;
  • at ATMs, up to PLN 4,000, with a fixed commission of 3%;
  • with vouchers, no account registration required!

Check how much will you get

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Kanga Local OTC network


the number of our locations


the number of countries we operate in

45 seconds

average transaction time

200 000+

transactions per year

Kanga Exchange offices

Different types of OTC transaction!

How to make a cash to crypto or crypto to cash transaction at our local OTC point.

  1. Create an account in the Kanga Wallet app - it only takes 2 minutes. You can find the application in the AppStore or Google Play. We will only aks you to enter your email address.
  2. Choose the OTC location. You can find a list here.
  3. Open Kanga mobile app and click on the GENERATE CODE button when asked by OTC operator.
  4. Share the code and confirm the transaction.
  5. Make or receive payment. If you buy crypto it will appear in your Kanga wallet in a few seconds.

* Remember that the commission can varry among OTC points.


How to sell cryptocurrency without registering an account?

  1. Click on this link , select the cryptocurrency you want to sell and click on the GENERATE ADDRESS button.
  2. Send the cryptocurrency you want to sell in the Local OTC to the created address.
  3. Download the generated voucher. Important! Please remember the voucher ID and PIN.
  4. You can withdraw funds from the voucher at any Kanga Local OTC point. You can find a list of points here.

Contact numbers and Telegram channels are available only in Polish and English.

Do you have a problem with your BLIK? Did you not manage to withdraw the amount from an ATM? The ATM did not spend the money? 
Fill out the application form!


Transakcja kryptowalutowa



Find Kanga Local OTC in your area!

You can buy or sell:

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and many others.

Sell cryptocurrency at an ATM!

No exchange office in your city? Use the ATM! It is enough that the machine of your choice supports BLIK codes.

To sell a cryptocurrency at an ATM, contact the operator at +48 58 573 33 36 or on Telegram @KangaBankomaty and agree on the terms of the transaction. The limit of an ATM transaction is PLN 4,000.

Download Kanga Wallet mobile app!

What can you do with the Kanga app?

  • check the current price of any crypto listed on Kanga Exchange;
  • access your wallet balance and check its total value in USDT, USDC, BTC or ETH;
  • stake, unstake, and collect staking rewards,
  • settle bills in restaurants and online or offline shops that accept Kanga Pay,
  • deposit, withdraw, or use a quick swap feature.
  • buy or sell crypto for cash in any Kanga OTC network physical location.

Become our Local OTC network operator!

Do you own a local business? Are you interested to build an alternative revenue stream selling cryptocurrencies for cash? Just contact us and we will give you more information!

Contact us at [email protected] or submit your e-mail address and/or telephone number using this form.