Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about cryptocurrencies, exchange offices, security issues or commissions.

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What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are scattered accounting systems based on cryptography that collect data on the holdings in contractual units.

Where to start?

The easiest way to start investing in cryptocurrencies is to create an account on the cryptocurrency exchange. Platforms of this type enable convenient and free trading in crypto assets.

How much do cryptocurrencies cost?

The cost of a given cryptocurrency depends on the rate set in real time.

Are cryptocurrencies safe?

Yes, provided that the entry into the cryptocurrency industry is preceded by proper familiarization with the subject. Otherwise, the potential investor risks losing invested capital.

Is Bitcoin the best crypto investment?

Bitcoin is highly volatile. If you want to take the risk of investing in this cryptocurrency, make sure you understand the mechanisms that govern the market and are not concerned about the potential loss of your investment.

What cryptocurrencies does Kanga support?

Kanga supports the following cryptocurrencies:

bitcoin (BTC) – at the same time the first and most popular cryptocurrency on the market;

ethereum (ETH) – referred to as “cryptocurrency silver”, the most important altcoin;

ethereum classic (ETC) – a cryptocurrency created by supporters of the original idea of ethereum, i.e. using the Proof-of-Work model;

Kanga Exchange Token (KNG) – dedicated cryptocurrency of the Kanga Exchange and the only recognized means of payment of Kanga.

In addition to them, there are also stablecoins:

tether (USDT) – the most popular stablecoin, the cryptographic version of the US dollar;

USD Coin (USDC) – stablecoin backed by asset reserves, including fiat currencies and short-term US government bonds;

oPLN (omega zloty) – stablecoin with a value close to the Polish zloty;

oEUR (omega euro) – a stablecoin with a value close to the euro

How to start?

How to buy cryptocurrencies in exchange office?

To buy cryptocurrency in a stationary exchange office, download the Kanga Wallet application (from the AppStore or Google Play) and register an account on the Kanga Exchange. To register an account for the purposes of transactions in Kanga exchange offices, it is enough to provide only an e-mail address.

Go to one of over 300 Kanga stationary points and agree on the terms of the exchange with the exchange office employee. Then run the Kanga Wallet application and in the CHANGE CODE tab press the GENERATE CODE button. Give the code to the employee, then confirm the transaction on the screen of your phone and transfer the payment for the cryptocurrency. And that’s all! The funds are already credited to your account.

Do I need a Kanga Exchange account?

Yes, to buy cryptocurrency in Kanga exchange offices, you need a Kanga Exchange account.

Can I sell cryptocurrencies without a Kanga Exchange account?

Yes. To do this, go to the website https://bon.kangakantor.pl/ and select the cryptocurrency you want to sell. Confirm your choice by clicking the GENERATE ADDRESS button. Send the cryptocurrency from your wallet to the address generated by the system. Remember to download or remember the voucher ID and PIN, you will need this data to withdraw funds from the voucher at the Kanga exchange office.

Where can I find cryptocurrencies bought?

The cryptocurrencies that you bought at Kanga’s exchange office are credited to your Kanga Exchange account. You can access them from both the Kanga Wallet app and the Kanga Exchange platform. The balance of funds is visible in the Portfolio tab.

How to set up a cryptocurrency wallet?

To set up a cryptocurrency wallet, download the Kanga Wallet application from the App Store or Google Play and create an account by entering your e-mail address. You can also access the Kanga Wallet from the Kanga Exchange platform.

What payment methods can I pay for cryptocurrencies at exchange offices?

Cryptocurrency purchase and sale transactions in Kanga exchange offices are carried out with cash.

Can I pay with the BLIK code?

Not. At the moment, this option is reserved only for ATMs.

Is there any limit to the amount of transactions at the exchange office?

Transactions carried out in Kanga exchange offices are not limited by the amount limits by Kanga Exchange, however, each of the exchange office partners has the option of setting their own limit individually.

Is the purchase/sale transaction in the cryptocurrency exchange office immediate?

Yes, cryptocurrency exchange transactions in Kanga exchange offices are carried out in real time. The transaction time is approximately 60 seconds.

Can I cancel my transaction?

Cryptocurrency purchase and sale transactions in Kanga exchange offices are carried out by placing orders on the Kanga Exchange. Therefore, once the transaction is confirmed, it is not possible to cancel it, as it has already been executed on the exchange.

About us

Who we are?

Kanga Exchange is a Polish company founded in September 2018. The brand’s goal and mission is to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

What is Kanga Kantor?

Kanga Kantor is the largest network of stationary cryptocurrency exchange offices in the world (some of them also offer mobile services) intended for people who prefer physical cryptocurrency trading. The competitive advantages of Kanga currency exchange offices are the ease and rapid execution of transactions, high flexibility in setting commissions and the presence of exchange offices in all major cities in Poland.

What does Kanga earn?

Kanga Kantor earns on transaction fees. Their value is constant and is always 1%.

What cryptocurrencies can I buy and sell in the exchange office?

The offers of exchange offices include such cryptocurrencies as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Link, USDC or USDC. In addition, there are stablecoins: oPLN and oEUR, as well as tokens of popular projects such as Metahero or Everdome. You can also expect other popular cryptocurrencies and tokens in the future.

How is the purchase and sale transaction carried out in the cryptocurrency exchange?

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies in an exchange office looks similar. To complete the transaction, you need the Kanga Wallet application (or access to the Kanga Exchange platform), in which the user must generate a code confirming the transaction. The whole process is extremely simple and usually takes around 60 seconds.

What is the commission for the transaction?

The commission at Kanga exchange offices consists of two values – 1% Kanga Exchange commission and an additional % partner commission.

Is the commission dependent on the transaction amount or cryptocurrency?

The amount of commission depends on the owner of the exchange office. At the same time, this one, in accordance with the pro-consumer nature of doing business, is negotiable.

Is it possible to reduce the commission?

Yes, and you can do it in two ways. In each Kanga Kantor there is an opportunity to negotiate commissions, in addition, our blog and social channels regularly publish discount codes that reduce Kanga commissions.

What is the difference between an exchange office transaction and an exchange transaction?
When will i get my cash?

Transactions in Kanga exchange offices are carried out in real time, so you will receive payment for the cryptocurrency immediately after completing the transaction.

Can I open a cryptocurrency exchange?

Yes. To find out what conditions you must meet to become a Kanga partner, contact us by e-mail [email protected] or by phone: +48 58 573 33 37.

How to become a Kanga Kantor Partner?

To join the network of Kanga Kantors, you only need to have a cash deposit and access to the Internet. For more details, please contact us via e-mail [email protected] or by phone: +48 58 573 33 37.

Where are the cryptocurrency rates accepted from exchange offices?

To be done

Can I sell or buy cryptocurrency at an ATM?

Yes, thanks to Kanga Exchange you can both buy and sell cryptocurrency at an ATM. To use the service, call +48 58 573 33 36 or contact us on Telegram @KangaBankomaty

Does the ATM transaction have any limit?

The limit of transactions at an ATM is 1 thousand. euro (PLN 4 thousand).


Are the transactions in the exchange office anonymous?

Transactions up to EUR 1,000 do not require an identity document, unless the operator decides otherwise.

Can I be cheated in an exchange office and lose my bitcoins?

It is not possible. Transactions in Kanga exchange offices are confirmed by the user in the application, which means that the user is informed about its status at every stage of the transaction.

My transaction was declined – what could be the reason?

The rejection of transactions most often results from a time synchronization error on the user’s and operator’s devices. For example – on the laptop of an exchange office employee, the time is systematically different than on the client’s mobile device. The solution is to improve the hourly settings on one of the devices.

What is AML and how does it work in an exchange office?

To be done.

Is cryptocurrency exchange in an exchange office legal?


Identity verification

Can a currency exchange employee ask for an identity document?

Yes, in accordance with the provisions of the AML Act, the employee has such an option.

Can I refuse to present an identity document?

Yes, but in such a situation the operator of the transaction has the right to refuse its execution.

How is the identity verification process in the exchange office?

The legislator does not indicate specific requirements as to how this process should be carried out. In practice, therefore, the verification of identity in each exchange office may be different, but most often it comes down to registering the user’s personal data on the identification form.

Fees and commissions

Is it possible to lower the commission?

Yes, and it can be done in two ways. In each of Kanga’s exchange offices, it is possible to negotiate commissions, additionally, on our blog and social channels, discount codes reducing Kang’s commissions are regularly published.