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It is interesting to see the continued adoption of cryptocurrencies into everyday life. The result of this state of affairs is that people are increasingly not asking themselves whether to invest in digital currencies, but when? For example: “at what point should I become a happy owner of ethereum, or at least part of it?”.

The answer, surprisingly, is always the same! When we have enough information about how the cryptocurrencies themselves work. Then, with full responsibility and market awareness, we can proceed to the purchase of ETH.

Buying ETH and choosing a platform

Of course, the optimal way to buy cryptocurrencies is to go to a Kanga Kantor point or meet a Kanga Local user. Regardless of the choice, a necessary element to complete the transaction will be registering an account on the Kanga Exchange. The process is maximally simplified – it will only require an e-mail address.

The next step will be to fund the account with funds in the form of stablecoins, such as oPLN (omega zloty). These are cryptocurrencies with a rate closely correlated with the value of individual fiat currencies.

Finally, install the Kanga Wallet app on your mobile device.

How to buy ethereum in an exchange point/locals?

Time to locate a cryptocurrency exchange point! For this purpose, it will be best to go to The dedicated map located there will help you locate a convenient point in the nearest location.

When we get there, during the conversation with the operator, we set the terms of the transaction, i.e. how much bitcoin we plan to buy.

You have to remember that there is a commission for each transaction made in the exchange point. This consists of two values: 1% of the network fee and an additional % of the partner’s commission.

Launch Kanga Wallet, go to the KANTOR tab and click the GENERATE CODE button. We transfer the same to the operator, confirm the transaction on the phone and transfer the cash. Yes, it’s over! We just invested in cryptocurrencies.

The situation is almost the same as in the case of visiting an exchange office. With the specific exception that Locals operate mobile and you need to make an appointment with them by phone.

How to buy ETH at an ATM?

Don’t worry, we’ve made every effort to ensure that the ATM transaction doesn’t cause any difficulties. Again, the condition is to have an account on Kanga Exchange.

We call +48 58 573 33 36 or use the Telegram messenger and contact @KangaBankomaty.

We inform the operator how much ETH we are going to buy (however, keep in mind that the ATM transaction limit is 1 thousand EURO – about 4 thousand zlotys). It’s time to finalize the transaction at the ATM / CDM using the code received and you’re done.

As you can see, we were by no means exaggerating when we said that buying Ethereum is a simple matter!

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