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The virtual world of the metaverse is becoming more and more real and influential, and one of the key recipients of this revolution are representatives of Generation Z (Gen Z). This is the generation born between 1997 and 2012 for whom digital reality is an everyday reality. In this article, we’ll look at how the metaverse is winning the hearts and minds of Gen Z, and how brands are using this space to effectively reach this generation.

What is Generation Z (Gen Z)?

Generation Z is a group of people growing up in the digital era, where access to a computer, smartphone and the Internet is standard. This generation is described as creative, socially engaged and active online. Unlike previous generations who had to adapt to technology, Gen Z was born with it already at their fingertips. This has impacted the way they communicate, work, entertain and consume content.

How do brands in the metaverse reach Generation Z?

  1. Virtual stores and shopping experiences

For Gen Z, experimenting and discovering new ways to shop is a daily occurrence. Virtual stores allow you to browse products, try them on in a virtual environment, and even make purchases via avatars. This is an innovative approach to commerce that attracts the attention of Gen Z, who love modern technologies and unusual shopping experiences.

  1. Virtual events and concerts

Metaverse opens the door to organizing virtual events and concerts that are available online to people from all over the world. This is a great opportunity for brands to promote their products and services in the context of entertainment. Gen Z is interested in music, gaming and other forms of entertainment, so attending virtual concerts and events can attract their attention.

  1. Create your own experiences

Gen Z likes to be active and creative online. The metaverse gives them the opportunity to create their own content and experiences. Brands can encourage young consumers to participate in the creation of virtual worlds, which increases customer engagement and loyalty. Creating your own narratives, avatars and places is becoming a fascinating form of expression for this generation.

  1. Personalization and engagement

Gen Z is aware of their value as consumers. Brands that offer personalized and interactive experiences in the metaverse earn their trust. Communication with Gen Z based on dialogue and engagement, not a one-sided message, is the key to effectively reaching this generation.

Generation Z and gaming

Gaming is one of the key forms of entertainment for Gen Z. Video games are an integral part of their lives, and the metaverse introduces new possibilities in this area.

  1. Games in the metaverse

Virtual worlds and the metaverse create the perfect environment for video game development. Gen Z likes games that allow them to explore virtual worlds, compete with other players, and build their virtual characters. Games in the metaverse combine all of these elements, which makes them very attractive to this generation.

  1. Streaming and esports

Gen Z not only plays games, but also watches other gamers on streaming platforms. Esports, i.e. professional video game competitions, are becoming more and more popular, and Gen Z are often their loyal fans. Brands can capitalize on this fascination by sponsoring esports tournaments or promoting their products and services during game streams.


The metaverse is becoming an increasingly important element of Gen Z’s life. Brands that can use the potential of this virtual space have a chance to reach this younger group of consumers and build lasting relationships with them. Creating virtual stores, organizing virtual events, engaging in creating your own experiences, personalization and gaming are just some of the possibilities offered by the metaverse. For Gen Z, it is not just a trend, it is a reality that they are eager to explore and participate in. The metaverse is not just the future – it is the present that Gen Z shapes and develops.

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