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Thanks to Sellback, you can sell farmed cryptocurrency (with the right to buy back) in case of an urgent need for cash. Until recently, the service was available only at Kanga Kantor outlets and among Kanga Local users, but finally it can also be used at ATMs!

How to start a Sellback at an ATM?

First, locate a Planet Cash or ING ATM.

After going to the place, agree with the operator the terms of the Sellback (choice of cryptocurrency, expected payment, repurchase rules and the date of its implementation).

In the Kanga Wallet application, you go to the “Sellback” tab and generate the code by clicking the “New contract” button. Then you give it to the operator,

After receiving it, the operator can confirm that the funds have been secured. Thus, it can finally give you the BLIK code to withdraw money.

How to complete a Sellback at an ATM?

To complete the Sellback at the ATM, you must again go to a Planet Cash or ING ATM and contact the operator. There is also the possibility of repayment through the stock exchange.

On the spot, inform the operator that you want to terminate the Sellback contract. In return, the latter will give you the BLIK code – it will allow you to deposit funds at the ATM. After that, the operator will inform you about their successful booking. Now it’s time to give him the Sellback code that you will generate in the Kanga Wallet app: go to the “Sellback” tab, click “Repurchase” and select the “With cash” option. Inform the operator that you want to end the Sellback contract.

Voila, the cryptocurrency is back in your wallet!

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