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The title is a bit stretched, but – in the face of the giant’s problems with the transfer of fiat currencies – also very timely. While the seemingly strongest of the strong struggles with unfriendly regulation by lawmakers, Kanga comes to the rescue.

Want to withdraw cash from Binance? Do it through Kanga.

Want to deposit cash on Binance? Do it through Kanga.

How to deposit zlotys and euros on the stock exchange?

It is very easy! You can transfer zlotys and euros to Kanga’s wallet (soon you will also be able to use your credit card for this), and then from the Kanga.Exchange level you can convert them into e.g. USDT and send them to Binance. It works both ways!

You can also simply use one of our 160 exchange offices (in Poland and Ukraine). Locate our exchange office (full list on the website kangakantor.en) and use the brilliant solution which is our stablecoin. In other words, buy zlotys in the exchange office and then you know what to do.

What is most important is the fact that the transactions with the account are carried out in real time. So you come to the exchange office, agree the terms with the operator, pay, and after a while you already have the cryptocurrency in your wallet. Depending on your preferences, you can buy bitcoin, ethereum, USDT, USDC, as well as zloty and euro expressed in stablecoin.

How do I withdraw funds from Binance?

As with the deposit – the easiest way to do it is through Kanga’s exchange offices.

You can carry out transactions in stationary exchange offices both with your Kanga account and without registration. The main difference between the two scenarios is that as a registered user you can both buy and sell cryptocurrency. Without an account, you only have access to the last option – but let’s agree, for many of you it’s not a problem.

How to sell bitcoin without registration?

As easy as possible. Go to bon.kangakantor.en, select the cryptocurrency you want to sell in the exchange office (you can choose from BTC, ETH, USDT and USDC) and generate an address for it. Send the cryptocurrency to this address. Remember to download (or remember) the details of the voucher: ID and PIN. Without this data, you will not be able to use the funds accumulated on the voucher.

The vouchers do not have an expiry date, which means that you decide yourself when you want to withdraw them at the exchange office. Have you changed your mind? We also anticipated this scenario! After logging in to the voucher (to do this, enter the ID and PIN in the Check voucher tab), you can send the funds collected on it to the blockchain. You can also exchange funds for omega-zlotys, which means that then you will only withdraw zlotys in the exchange office (and the exchange of crypto into stablecoin will be carried out on the website).

Questions and doubts? Call us on +48 58 573 36 33, we will answer all of them!

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