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FAME MMA is the largest freakfight federation in Europe, bringing together people from the world of sport, the Internet and television. It is a unique entertainment platform where the spectacle and emotions associated with the fight are put in the first place. The organization is aware of the development of blockchain technology, which is why it decided to tokenize its project.

The result of these activities is the FAME Token, which, thanks to the established cooperation, is listed on the Kanga Exchange. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is based on five aspects of the federation’s activity:

PPV platform – using the FAME token, it is possible to purchase a PPV (Pay-per-view) license on a dedicated platform for broadcasting galas. Moreover, licenses acquired in this way will give you access to additional behind-the-scenes material.

Gaming – entering the gaming industry is an excuse to create Play-2-earn games, in which you will be able to earn prizes, skins, bonus rounds (allowing you to get tokens) and much more.

Marketing and sponsors – in cooperation with sponsors and partners, FAME intends to constantly improve the implemented blockchain technology in order to simplify transactions or create new opportunities to use the token.

NFT Collection – Metahero’s innovative scanners allow you to create advanced 3D models of players, which creates the basis for limited figures and the NFT collection.

Staking platform – a dedicated staking platform offering special rewards and investment opportunities. This helps to enhance the performance of the token.

We are pleased to announce that FAME MMA has established cooperation with Kanga Exchange. Therefore, FAME Token is listed on our exchange. The available currency pairs are:

FAME/USDT https://trade.kanga.exchange/market/FAME-USDT

FAME/oPLN https://trade.kanga.exchange/market/FAME-oPLN

We believe that this cooperation will contribute to the implementation of one of the ideas behind Kanga, i.e. facilitating the adoption of cryptocurrencies to the everyday world!

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